The New Jersey Lottery provides more than enough fun and entertaining ways to win money in both large and small jackpots. Many play the lottery everyday with the hopes of drastically changing their lives through financial gains. Some games offer the opportunity to win millions of dollars in an instant, which entices millions to play every day. People often wonder what the odds of them actually winning these jackpots are, so we decided to cure your curiosity. Below you will find a short summary as well as the odds for seven of the most popular games the New Jersey Lottery offers.

New Jersey Lottery Power Ball Odds

With its jackpot starting at $40,000,000 it is no coincidence that the Power Ball is the most popular lottery game in New Jersey. The $2 game is played relatively simple, with a complicated twist. Contestants first pick five numbers ranging from 1-59 before selecting a Powerball number between 1-39 to substantially increase your potential reward. Your reward depends both on the determined jackpot as well as the amount of numbers you correctly guess as well as your ability to correctly guess the Powerball number. Because of its connection with several states, the Power Ball has exceptionally low probability with odd of 1 in 175,223,510.

New Jersey Lottery Mega Million Odds

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery known for its big jackpots. Jackpots start off at $15,000,000, continuously increasing by $5,000,000 with every rollover. Played similarly to the Power Ball Lottery, the Mega Millions requires contestants to match all five white numbers as well as a gold mega gold ball to win the jackpot. The odds per $1 play for this game are extremely low to match the enormous jackpot. The odds for winning the jackpot are 1 in 258,900,000 while the odds increase tremendously to 1 in 21 for the smallest award of $1. In between you will find potential awards for $1,000,000 with odds of 1 in 18,500,000. There is also a reward for $5,000 with odds of 1 in 739,688 while the odds of winning $500 are 1 in 52,835.

New Jersey Lottery Cash4Life Odds

For $2 you can play New Jersey’s newest lottery game that boasts the jackpot of a daily allowance for the rest of your life. This game, like the Mega Millions challenges contestants to choose five numbers, 1-60, before also choosing a Cash Ball, 1-4. In order to win the daily allowance jackpot you must correctly guess all six numbers, though the probability of doing so is just 1 in 21,846,048. The second place jackpot, which awards a weekly allowance of $1,000, has a probability of 1 in 7,282,048 winning. The probability continues to increase as the award decreases, with the $2,500 jackpot carrying odds of 1 in 79,440 while the odds of winning $500 are 1 in 26,480. As always, the lowest payout, $2 in this case, has the best odds at 1 in 13.

New Jersey Lottery Pick 6 Odds

The New Jersey Lottery has a popular game called the Pick 6, which has made more New Jersey millionaires than any other lottery game. This is also the original lottery game offered by the New Jersey Lottery, which allows contestants to pick six numbers ranging from 1-49 with the hopes of their numbers being picked in the weekly drawings. Every Monday and Thursday six balls scrawled with numbers are picked on a live television show, revealing the winning ticket. If you have a lottery ticket with all six numbers, you win the jackpot. If, however, you match three, four or five numbers, you also win a monetary reward. The odds of winning the Pick six on a $1 play increases as the potential prize decreases.

The odds of guessing all 6 numbers correctly are 1 in 13,983,816, which would result in the ultimate jackpot. Although the prize drops significantly to an average prize of $2,700, your chances of guessing 5 out of 6 numbers is much higher with a probability of 1 in 54,201. From there the prizes and probability of winning continue to decrease. The odds of guessing 4 out of 6 numbers correctly are 1 in 1,032, which awards $56 on average. Last and least, the odds of guessing 3 out of 6 numbers in the Pick 6 Lottery are 1 in 57 and awards $3 on average.

New Jersey Lottery Jersey Cash 5 Odds

The Jersey Cash 5 is played exactly like the New Jersey Pick 6, with jackpots rolling over when not claimed by a contestant. Like the Pick 6, the Jersey Cash 5 challenges contestants to match five numbers drawn daily. The odds of winning the Jersey Cash lottery game decrease as the award increases with the smallest average potential prize of $15, which requires correctly guessing 3 of the 5 numbers, carrying odds of 1 in 137. The second place, which requires correctly guessing 4 out of 5 numbers, has a jackpot of $500 and lower odds of 1 in 5,066 being winners. The first place jackpot, which is the entire prize and requires the correct matching of all five numbers has odds of 1 in 962,598 becoming winners.

New Jersey Lottery Pick 4 Odds

With a cheaper cost to play at only 50 cents, you can expect that the jackpot for the Pick 4 will be lower. The good news is that this allows both the odds of winning to be much higher than other New Jersey Lottery games. Contestants are challenged to pick four digit numbers between 0000 and 9999. With drawings twice daily, the probability of winning the Pick 4 is one of the highest in all of the lottery games. The highest jackpot is $2,788 with odds of 1 in 10,000 being winners. The second highest jackpot is $697 with odds of 1 in 2,500 being winners. Next in line of jackpots carries odds of 1 in 1,667 becoming winners, with the potential reward of $464. Lastly are two smaller jackpots of $232 and $116 with respective odds of 1 in 833 and 1 in 417.

New Jersey Lottery Pick 3 Odds

Played exactly like the New Jersey Pick 4 lottery game, the Pick 3 challenges contestants to correctly guess three numbers drawn twice daily. The contestants have the opportunity to play the game several different ways, with the cost and odds of winning fluctuating depending on you choose to pick your numbers. The odds of winning the largest jackpot of $275, at the lowest cost of 50 cents, are 1 in 1,000. While the ability to pay more for different options (your three numbers being able to be used in any variation) can increase your odds to 1 in 167.